Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Frodo Lives!

Bob Wenzel wonders: "Will America's young people put Ron Paul in the White House?"

He quotes a note I wrote him about the age breakdown in two new state-wide polls of Montana and Oregon. Ron Paul got a solid 10% in both polls, a standing that seems to hold true across the entire country. Last week, a Dick Morris poll placed Paul at 12% nationwide. After I wrote to Bob suggesting he inspect the fascinating age breakdown in both polls, he posted the numbers, which I reprint here:
Oregon breakdown:
18 to 29: 20%
30 to 45: 15%
46 to 65: 11%
Older than 65: 3%

Montana breakdown:
18 to 29: none polled
30 to 45: 15%
46 to 65: 8%
Older than 65: 10%
Strangely, the Montana poll failed to include any voters in the 18-29 age group, but he scores double his statewide numbers among those 18-29 polled in Oregon. What do these numbers mean? Considering Paul also has notably higher poll numbers he gets even among those 30-45, it seems safe to call him the candidate of American youth. Young people overwhelmingly support Ron Paul for president.

Clearly many of these young people are realizing the danger of centralized power. The Lord of the Rings movies, surely the only exposure many in this digital age have had to Tolkien's brilliantly anti-socialist tome, did a good job illustrating the value of decentralization. I believe it has dawned on many young people today that it's best not to give the ring of power to a single all-powerful king.

Not surprisingly, those on the dole support Sauron's centralized state. It is notable that the only place where Paul's numbers are significantly lacking is among those receiving Medicare (for which one must be 65) and those on Social Security (which begins at 62). What this tells us is that if we want to get him elected, then those who will inherit this country absolutely must turn out to vote him in far greater numbers than those who gave us this country's problems.

I said as much to Lew Rockwell, who also posted about the polls. In response, he wrote: "Yes, but young people do not, on balance, vote." Perhaps, Lew, perhaps. What do you think, America's youth? Will you fail to hand the White to President Paul?

The good news is that Frodo lives! Ron Paul is trudging towards Mount Doom to destroy the ring of power for our sake. He'll return power to the Congress and, even more importantly, return power to the states. Middle-Earth may have been allied, but Gondor, Rohan and the Shire were all sovereign states.

It was Sauron, after all, who sought to absorb the diverse people groups of Middle-Earth into the uniformly drab national culture of Mordor. He did this by trying to unite the land into an empire governed by a strong centralized power and policed by orcs and trolls intent on telling everyone what they couldn't do.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Canadians rampage after losing hockey game

This is apparently the level of civil unrest to be expected when the Vancouverites' home team loses a major hockey game. Thousands rioting in the streets, smashing banks, going toe-to-toe with cops without consideration for the repercussions, setting fires in the streets and torching the vehicles of the authoritarians.

What will they do if runaway inflation means they can no longer buy food? When trucks stop trucking and welfare checks can't be cashed, how bad will the violence get then?

See the rest of the photos (there's plenty of them) here. Thanks to Robert Wenzel.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Romney: "Return Afghanistan to the Taliban"

Romney wants to give Afghanistan back to the Taliban. Meanwhile, Ron Paul realizes that the Constitution gave control of the military to a civilian commander-in-chief, not the military generals. In the June 13 Republican debate, Romney had this to say about his foreign policy:
Romney: It's time for us to bring our troops home as soon as we possibly can, consistent with the word that comes to our generals that we can hand the country over to the Taliban military in a way that they're able to defend themselves.
Paul, on the other hand, understands the definition of "command." As president, he would be in authority over the generals, not subject to waiting upon their go ahead. That's why he responded:
I served five years in the military. I’ve had a little experience. I’ve spent a little time over in the Pakistan/Afghanistan area, as well as Iran. But I wouldn’t wait for my generals. I’m the commander in chief.

I make the decisions. I tell the generals what to do. I’d bring them home as quickly as possible. And I would get them out of Iraq as well. And I wouldn’t start a war in Libya. I’d quit bombing Yemen. And I’d quit bombing Pakistan. I’d start taking care of people here at home because we could save hundreds of billions of dollars.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Picture a private industry delivery-person doing this

Like American cops, postal workers apparently don't get fired for shit:
The incident happened last month at a home in southeast Portland and a neighbor, Don Derfler, captured the man in the act with his camera.

Derfler had been waiting for his babysitter when he saw his mailman acting odd at his neighbor's house across the street. The postal worker then pulled down his pants and that's when Derfler began snapping pictures.

"We trust people like the postal service and meter readers and people of that nature," Derfler told us when we interviewed him in April. "To come on to our property and to defecate - it's just wrong."
The postal employee was given a temporary unpaid vacation before "a decision was made" to allow him to continue delivering packages on "a different route."