Saturday, May 21, 2011

Amerika's Gestapo

Mike Adams, in an article reprinted at LRC, warns that the TSA is becoming the Gestapo:
TSA agents have been caught stealing items out of peoples' luggage and, planting fake cocaine in their bags, feeling up infants and now running bomb scares right in the middle of an international airport, with innocent people standing around and potentially in harm's way. What's next for this rogue agency? Are they going to run LIVE bomb drills and demand they start carrying their own pistols and rifles?

You are watching the rise of the secret police

The American people don't get this yet, and the mainstream media is totally clueless about this, but what's really happening right now is that we are watching the rise of the new Amerikan Secret Police. They are the TSA. They're already expanding into train stations and stadiums. Soon, these government goons will be the people checking your papers at every street corner, lifting cash out of your wallet or feeling down the pants of young women just because they can.

If we don't stop the TSA right now, they will rise up to become the new Nazi criminals in America.