Friday, May 27, 2011

Mindless violence in the national swamp

As mentioned yesterday in a post by this author, a pair of parasites in blue recently tore a man from his wheelchair, slammed his face into the pavement so that it was slick with his blood and then harassed those trying to film their criminal actions. This was done, said the tax-fed gorillas, because the wheelchair-bound man had "assaulted an officer." The video is well worth watching:

Update: This video clearly shows two police officers in the District of Claptrap physically pick up a man from his wheelchair and slam him face first onto the sidewalk. Well, this mealy-mouthed article from the Washington Post describes the incident thus:
The video begins with the man in the chair, two officers alongside. A few seconds later, all three have pitched forward and are prone. Still later, the officers are standing while the man remains on the ground, with off-camera voices appearing to express dismay.
By their own admission, police proved the aggressors, an enlightening fact the weasel-brained Martin Weil manages to report:
In the statement, Metro said transit police on routine patrol at the U Street Metrorail station in Northwest Washington on Thursday spotted the man in a wheelchair "drinking an alcoholic beverage."

When asked to leave, the man refused, Metro said. The officers tried to issue a citation, but he "refused to comply." The officers then told him that he would be placed under arrest, and he resisted, the statement said.
Having spent some time in Dublin, this author avows that none of the men who loll about that city's streets openly guzzling bottles of whiskey appeared in need of arrest. All of Europe handles public drinking in a similarly relaxed fashion. On street cars, national and international trains, city streets and in public parks, countless people casually consume alcoholic beverages of all sorts. The failure of European police forces to crack open the skulls of the physically disabled — or the fully bodied, for that matter — for the harmless act of drinking a beverage of their choice has so far not caused the downfall of European society.