Friday, May 27, 2011

Not looking away

For those concerned about consciously reshaping their body language to be more confident, assertive and open, Vox Day has some eye-opening remarks about how to handle eye contact with other people. If you dislike being a downtrodden type with downcast eyes and bowed head, you may find his post helpful, as it states:
Deltas, Gammas and Omegas habitually avoid eye contact, especially with the opposite sex. Alphas, on the other hand, tend to turn it into a dominance game. Therefore, to communicate high status to the opposite sex, it is important for men to not look away when a woman happens to notice them looking at her. This doesn't mean one should leer or stare, (and by all means, do not smile), all that is necessary is to hold eye contact for about one second before deliberately blinking, then looking away. It is important to blink first, before looking away, as this sends the clear message that one is consciously deciding to break eye contact, not instinctively or reactively showing embarrassment at being "caught". The slower one blinks, the more deliberation it conveys.
Another simple and yet revolutionary body language change to consider is to acknowledge people with an upward nod of the head rather than a submissive downward nod.