Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Molding minds from malleable ages

Corruption of your thoughts, destruction of your soul. Don't let them mold your mind, they wanna control mankind. Seems like their only intention is to exploit the earth. Yeah. And you trust in their deceit, your mind causes your defeat. And so you become an in invention to distort this earth. ~ Damian Marley

Those who doubt their government sling much gab concerning a variety of conspiracy theories. Of course, a conspiracy is merely a group of people colluding together to covertly influence affairs in one direction or another, which happens all the time. Even those public schooled kids can grasp that concept. Though many are outlandish and a great more are totally ludicrous, the definition of a conspiracy precludes theories about them from always being hysteria. So for you, reader, I'm going to spin a theory grounded in reality.

The federal government controls the minds of the American people. Government schools are the instruments of this villainy. The method is in requiring every child from the age of six to 18 attend a federally funded facility for instruction in a universalized curriculum passed on by a central bureau that is stocked with civil servants who influence the department for decades on end. Maintaining this monopoly hold on education for generations has been the key to ensuring the success of this massive social experiment by the central government.

The effect, not surprisingly, has been an apathetic, ignorant and compliant people. They can most assuredly be woken up and intellectual second births occurs constantly, but it takes a real jolt to reach most, which is because the desired effect has taken hold. These people have been informed on a daily basis for 12 years by government employees, whom society and their parents demand they view as heroes, that the government is the source of all good and will provide the solution to every problem. This naturally immunizes the mind against arguments for restraining the leviathan.