Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nepotism in local government

From reader Charlie Therman comes a report about corruption in local law enforcement. Sorry, Charlie, but I removed the identifying information from your email:
The other evening, an acquaintance who works [as a member of a county-level law enforcement department, but not a sworn officer] in [a major American metropolis] told me from his own lips that he had just sold a used, older model smart phone to his sergeant after buying the latest version. His sergeant was "so happy" that he gave the guy this Sunday as a paid day off. The real kicker is that this member of law enforcement will be marked as on duty while he's enjoying his taxpayer-funded vacation day. He told me his shift will be marked as "PTO admin time" so he won't have to burn any time for the weekend day he gets to take off under the table.
Thanks for the heads-up, Charlie. This sounds typical. Records are altered to conceal that some wannabe cop is getting a paid vacation on the the taxpayer's dime. Grandma, this is what the property taxes paid out of your fixed income are used to fund. It's also relevant, I think, that this metro gets a significant amount of federal money because of its political importance, which affects grandpa, kids, grandchildren and everyone else who pays the federal taxes that are funding this guy's happy, work-free weekend.