Saturday, May 28, 2011

Romney: "Shut up, sit down and let me drone"

"Save your opinions and act professionally and don't be argumentative with the candidate." That's what Eric Fehrnstrom, the plastic candidate's Traveling Press Secretary, told an AP reporter who was uppity enough to challenge Mitt Romney's claim that lobbyists are not helping run his campaign. Here is the video:

Lobbyist Kaufman has been deeply involved with Romney since 2005 and is definitely a Washington insider as reported here:
The chair of the Cape Cod National Seashore Park Advisory Committee, Ron Kaufam (sic), is helping our occasional Governor in his quest to follow George Bush at the White House. Mr. Kaufman is a lobbyist with close ties to the Bush administration, and he took control of the CCNSP Advisory Commission a year ago March, despite opposition from the Cape Cod environmental community and park supporters.

...Mega-lobbyist Ron Kaufman made a big connection when he married the sister of ex-lobbyist Andy Card, who became the present President Bush’s chief of staff. Both men are both from Holbrook MA. After Kaufman directed the campaign of the first President Bush, that president appointed him deputy White House personnel director.
If these attempts to silence and intimidate the slightest attempt at real journalism are the tactics witnessed from Romney in a primary, imagine the fascist methods he might employ as president. This man will not allow as negligible a thing as the press to interfere with conveying his unique vision for America, which as stated in the video is: "I'm going to Washington to make things happen… I'm going to Washington to help the American people, and that's what this campaign is all about."