Sunday, May 29, 2011

Silver-spooned emperors simulate servants

After Obama (the first president whose name rhymes with Alabama) got the year wrong — by a full three years — when signing Westminster Abbey's guestbook and flubbed his toast to the queen by giving it as "God save the Queen" played, he still found time this week to pose for a photo-op with British PM David Cameron as the two "helped to grill and serve a range of BBQ fare." It appears the president successfully managed to fulfill the requirements of that task — "stand here and hold this." Yet while one wonders just how much of the meal for "150 military guests" these pair of jokers actually cooked, it's certainly a relief to learn the heads of state of the two most domineering nations in modern history qualify to staff the back kitchen of a McDonald's franchise.

The good news is that others see through the charade. In The Telegraph, British commentator Peter Osborne concludes "this week's visit by Barak Obama has been a national embarrassment" while offering some encouragement:
So while this week’s formalities looked antique, we actually witnessed something that is wholly contemporary. When the relationship between Britain and the United States really was the hinge on which the world was constructed – think Churchill and Roosevelt, Macmillan and Kennedy, Reagan and Thatcher – nobody needed grand state ceremonial occasions to make the point. Now that it matters very much less, we do.
A perfect illustration of "government efficiency" is that it takes two to feed one.
Although opting out of the state is what we ought to do, one should never ignore it, but rather ever ridicule it. As Obama clowns about the world on his taxpayer-funded campaign junket, it is only correct to question the very necessity of these "official state visits," especially as this one is "estimated to cost in the region of £10m." That's a drop in the bucket compared to the officially projected $1.5 trillion budget deficit to be sure, yet hardly chump change.

Yet while American police brutalize American citizens, including veterans, for dancing on Memorial Day weekend and the ongoing collapse of the dollar continues to impoverish normal people, at least the state's leading enforcer has chosen to occupy himself elsewhere. His absence has encouraged fissures in the federal government's happy-face veneer, such as awkward announcement that the president uses a robo-pen to sign new legislation and even the genesis of a dancing revolution.

A USD Index chart shows a 15% loss in the dollar's value over the past 12 months.