Saturday, May 28, 2011

"This is a police state"

Mere hours ago, Adam Kokesh (an honorably discharged Marine Corps veteran) and several others were arrested for silently dancing in the Jefferson Memorial. According to this source, here's the background:
A district court judge recently upheld a lower court ruling that dancing at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC is illegal. As a result of the recent court ruling, disobedient dancers planned to gather at the monument today at noon, prepared to defy the judge’s ruling.
Kokesh and the others were immediately arrested upon beginning to dance. As police handcuffed the dancers while screaming at them, one cop body-slammed Kokesh onto the hard marble floor of the monument. A courageous videographer is then approached by an overgrown badged boy in bike shorts who snaps: "You're not allowed to video record in here… if you continue to record, you're going to be arrested." Watch the video:

These outlaw dancers are reportedly currently being held at Anacostia Station (District Five) located at 1901 Anacostia Drive SE, Washington, DC 20019, which has can be reached at 202-610-8703. Please bear in mind that calling in protest of their arrest, while admirable and recommended, may get you placed on a watch list.